Access Control Systems


A building access control system grants access to authorized personnel, but prohibits the entry of unauthorized persons. These systems act as a replacement for duplicating and distributing keys to employees and vendors, eliminating a huge amount of management overhead while creating a much more secure environment. Comprehensive features allow for customizing the level of access into and within the building based on the time of day and the day of week. Integration with Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) provides the ability to collate video with access attempts. The following information describes the integral pieces of a comprehensive access control system.


System Software

Intuitive, user-friendly software allows you to add and remove cards, modify access levels, and account for holidays and special events all within seconds. Seasonal, temporary, and high-turnover employees are easily handled within the system without the worry of keys being lost or illegally copied. The software also keeps a historical record of system activity providing a security log for your business. Today’s systems are even integrated with your existing computer network, allowing authorized personnel the ability to monitor and make changes from any location.


Cards, Key Fobs, and Tags

Access can be granted to buildings using a variety of formats including cards, key fobs, and tags. Cards are a standard credit-card size and often double as a photo ID badge for improved security. Badges can be created in-house providing maximum flexibility while meeting your security standards. Key fobs are conveniently sized to attach to your key ring, while tags can be attached to any flat, non-metallic surface.   


Card Readers, Keypads, and Biometrics

Card readers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to match your door configurations and building design. Readers are used to present credentials for entry to buildings, rooms, parking structures, and even IT server room equipment. A keypad or biometric reader may be used in conjunction with the card reader to require a PIN number or fingerprint verification, providing additional layers of security.


Electric Door Strikes and Magnetic Locks

Electric strikes allow access control systems to “lock or unlock” doors based on time of day or a user’s level of access. Just like the locksets they are coupled with, electric strikes are available in a wide range of prices and levels of quality. It is important to select the correct type of strike for your application to provide the proper level of security. In addition to electric strikes, magnetic locks can be used to control access to secure locations.


Motion Detectors

Passive infrared motion detectors (PIR) sense movement in covered areas. These devices are used by your access control system to automatically release electronic door strikes and magnetic locks to allow exit from secure areas without user intervention.