Audio / Video

Audio / Video systems incorporate a wide variety of technologies and services.  Whether simple background music or a surround-sound theatre system, careful planning is required to design and install an Audio / Video system that provides your desired results.


Pre-amplifiers / Receivers

Pre-amplifiers and receivers are used to collect the signals from your audio sources and send the selected signal to the power amplifier at the desired volume. Before selecting a pre-amp, it is important to determine the number of inputs required and the number of zones desired for output. Modular systems are easily expanded to accept new inputs of various types in the future.


Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers are designed to amplify the line level signal received from the pre-amp to a signal strong enough to drive the speakers at the desired volume. Amplifiers are available with various outputs depending on the type of system required including 8 ohms, or 70 volt.



Speakers come in all shapes, sizes, prices and quality levels. They are designed for use indoors and outside; mounted on ceilings, walls, or free standing. All of these choices allow you to select a speaker system that will provide the desired level of sound quality, volume, and coverage area. It is very important to design the speaker system along with the appropriate amplifiers as under-powering or incorrect configuration can damage the equipment.


Flat-Panel Monitors

With the increased popularity of flat-panel monitors, it is now possible to provide high-quality HDTV video output virtually anywhere without taking up a lot of space. Mounts are available for ceiling, wall, and pedestal applications.

Video Projectors / Screens

Video projectors provide large viewing areas for theatre and conference rooms. They are available in standard and wide aspect ratios in a variety of quality levels to suit your application. Hidden, retractable ceiling mounts and screens allow for a clean installation and maximize the flexibility of the room.

Paging Systems

Paging systems are used for making announcements over an installed speaker system. It is popular to combine the paging system with the business telephone system to provide overhead paging via an existing telephone set. Features of paging systems include multiple coverage zones and the ability to mute background music while paging.


Audio / Video Sources

Audio and video signals come from many sources. Deciding which sources are required determines the type and quantity of inputs needing in the pre-amplifier. Popular sources include satellite and cable television, computer presentations, the internet, mp3 audio, CDís, DVDís, VHS tapes, and microphones.