Cabling Services Overview

Voice and data cable

Advance Cable designs and installs voice and data networks using current Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Category 5e, and Category 6 specifications. By working closely with our customers, we are able to create a solution that will accommodate their current networking applications and allow for future expansions.

Fiber-optic systems

Our certified technicians install fiber-optic cable for a broad range of applications including: bringing fiber to the desktop, connecting wiring closets, and trenching cable between buildings. The installation of fiber-optic cable requires a great deal of care and precision, and we take pride in our ability to deliver an exceptional level of service in this area.

Wire management and equipment racks

We provide a variety of products to improve the aesthetics and usability of your network. Integrating equipment racks and wire management helps provide a safe, organized work environment in server rooms and wiring closets. Our cable-tray installations provide proper support and routing for the cables, and simplify additions. in the future.

Certification and documentation

Using the best testing equipment available, we certify your network cabling, guaranteeing compliance to industry standards. Our dedication to labeling and documentation greatly simplifies moves and changes within your network, adding value to your cabling investment.