About Us

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How it all Started

Advance Cable was founded in 1998 from a simple idea: if you exceed your customers’ expectations, they will not only remain your customers, but they will tell others of the job you have done. We are honored that our customers have taken the time to provide testimonials to the quality and dependability of the work we strive to provide with every single project we’re a part of.

Our Company Philosophy

At Advance Cable, our goal is to provide you with the perfect technology solution, installed with such a high level of quality that you can rely on it to meet and exceed its designed performance level – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our company’s success is due in part to our constant learning, quality improvement, and extensive communication with our customers. By combining these practices for ongoing refinement with our previous project experience, Advance Cable is equipped with the tools required to repeat our successes, and ready to overcome challenges as they arise.

Personalized Systems and Services

Although we make it a company policy to use industry standards to design, implement, and test every installation we provide, that does not mean that a cookie-cutter approach should always be used. We know that each one of our customers is different and we enjoy working with them to design an application that delivers exceptional performance and is easy to work with.

Take the Next Step

We look forward to continually satisfying our current customers and having the chance to develop a lasting relationship with new ones. Give Advance Cable a call today to get started.