We Offer Professional Voice and Data Cabling Across Middleton, WI

Building a Better Cabling Infrastructure

When the only form of internet was dial-up, the cables you had in your business weren’t particularly complex. Now that there are tons of great options for higher speeds and better quality in voice and data infrastructure, it’s the perfect time to upgrade. Fortunately, we have a team of voice and data cabling experts at Advance Cable to help your business take advantage of the latest and most robust technology the market has to offer. From advanced fiber-optic systems to data center infrastructure, Advance Cable offers reliable support and installation expertise that leaves you with the foundation for a strong and reliable network.

Other Cabling Services

Your business doesn’t function if your network goes down. At Advance Cable, our team designs, installs, and maintains voice and data cabling using current TIA Category 5e and Category 6 specifications. These strict telecommunications industry standards ensure that when you partner with Advance Cable, we provide a cabling solution that accommodates all of your current networking applications and allows room for future expansions and upgrades. We can also provide certified equipment testing services, wire management, and cable tray installations to keep your facility at its safest and most efficient.