Sound Masking

Enjoy a More Robust and Secure Madison, WI Work Environment with a Sound Masking System

Auditory Enhancement for the Workplace

The modern corporate workplace is a hub of activity. Considering the popularity of open office plans and the amount of ongoing phone conversations taking place in even the most commonplace of corporate environments, it can be hard for employees to maintain their focus and block out distractions. Fortunately, Advance Cable offers advanced, state-of-the-art sound masking solutions that make it easy for even the busiest of office environments to reduce distraction from nearby conversations, protect speech privacy, and improve employee focus and productivity. Our team can design and install the perfect sound masking system for your commercial workspace that provides a uniform, continuous, and barely perceptible sound through background speakers located in or above the ceiling.

The Importance of Office ‘White Noise’

With a discreet and customized sound masking solution from Advance Cable, local Wisconsin businesses can enjoy a more comfortable, collaborative work environment without the risk of compromising their speech privacy. When professionally designed and installed by Advance Cable, these ‘white noise’ systems can help your business better comply with speech privacy regulations from HIPAA and GLBA. These systems also reduce the need for cubicle components and private offices. Advance Cable is an authorized reseller and installer of some of the best sound masking systems in the marketplace, and we work closely with our commercial clients to design the perfect auditory solution for any workspace. From corporate conference rooms and law offices to patient waiting rooms and call centers, Advance Cable is ready to help you find the best background noise solution for maximum comfort, privacy, and productivity.